EU-US cooperation critical importance to global peace.

EU and US leaders meet today in Brussels for their regular summit. The transatlantic partnership is unique and allows EU-US  to advance causes of global importance.

The Summit highlight the significant contributions that the EU-US strategic partnership makes to transatlantic and global peace and prosperity, and will be an opportunity to support and promote the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

European leaders have taken important decisions in response to actions by Russia in violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and of international law, with the US taking similar measures. The Brussels summit will also provide an opportunity to discuss the latest developments in Ukraine.

Today in Ukraine, the basic principles of international law and security in the 21st century are being challenged. The EU and the US support the Ukrainian people and their right to choose their own future and remain committed to uphold the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

EU-US cooperation is of great importance in addressing  recent crisis in Ukraine and to seek a negotiated solution that resolves the international community’s concerns regarding the Iranian nuclear programme. But also efforts to reach a peace agreement in the Middle East,  to support political transition in Syria and development in Afghanistan and support democratic and economic transformation, including in Myanmar/Burma. The Geneva negotiation process is crucial for achieving a genuine political transition in Syria.

The EU-US strategic partnership is based on shared values including a commitment to uphold the fundamental rights and freedoms of our citizens. In addition, the summit it is to help restore trust following the National Security Agency (NSA) revelations and ensure privacy and security.

“The EU-US Summit occupies a central place in our external relations. We share a unique and irreplaceable strategic partnership, and cooperate on practically every issue of concern to us. At a moment when the principles of international security and diplomatic engagement are challenged in Europe and the world, the cooperation between the European Union and the United States is of critical importance.” said President Van Rompuy ahead of the meeting.

The US and the EU share a commitment to support a universal, open, free, and secure Internet, based on an inclusive, effective, and transparent multi-stakeholder model of governance. EU-US Cooperation on cyber security dates back to the 2010 EU-US summit, where leaders committed to the creation of a Working Group on Cyber Security and Cybercrime. The Working Group has established a solid basis for transatlantic cyber engagements, with remarkable achievements in addressing transnational cybercrime and other cyber threats.

The leaders of the European Union and the United States, met today to reaffirm EU-US strong partnership and shared values of democracy, individual freedom, the rule of law and human rights, and a common commitment to open societies and economies.

Read A joint Summit Statement here


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