EPP winning 214 EP seats largest number of MEP.

The interest of the man must be connected with the constitutional rights of the place. Eurpean Parliament commitees negotiation and implementation of LT_original

As the policy-making power of the parliament grew, mostly notably as a result of the Maastricht Treaty, and under the Lisbon Treaty, for the very first time we are entering crucial European EP years 2014-2019

2014-19 European Parliament results of the European elections gave the EPP the largest number of Members of the European Parliament. For all the three main groups of the European Parliament have all lost seats, but they will maintain their position of dominance as the top three parties in the legislature. The Moderate Party in Sweden with three MEPs mandate 2014-2019 (drop one seat).

following the results of the European elections: – The EPP (winning 214 EP seats) has a double digit lead, this gives me, as lead candidate, the first right to seek a majority in the Parliament and in the Council; Jean-Claude Juncker, the candidate of the European People’s Party for President of the European Commission.

EU heads of state and government and opposition leaders of the European People’s Party (EPP), along with the Presidents of the European Council and the European Commission – Herman VAN ROMPUY and José Manuel BARROSO – have been invited to participate in the upcoming Summit of the Party, which will take place in Brussels, on 27 May. On the agenda will be the results of the European elections

Moreover, political populism is becoming an established feature of public life in many EU countries. Far-right and Euroskeptic party gains across Europe in Sunday’s European Parliament elections have caused alarm among supporters of a closely integrated E.U.

Far-right parties lost ground in the Netherlands but made significant gains in Denmark and Greece. Le Pen, leader of the French rightist National Front — has emerged as perhaps the key figure in piecing together a Far-right -wing Europe-wide coalition, in large part because France has more seats in the E.U. Parliament than any other country except Germany-nearly three times the number of the Netherlands.

New Bloc parties of a continent-wide surge in support for these parties has prompted Le Pen to plan the formation of what would be the first anti-Europe political bloc within the E.U Parliament. Le Pen´s senior E.U. adviser has spent months negotiating partnerships with groups like the Sweden Democrats and Lega Nord in Italy, Belgium, Flemish interest, Netherlands, Party for Freedom and Austria, Freedom Party and UK independence party, all a risk to the future of EU.

Difficult economic, political, legal and social conditions in the biggest member states – France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK – supply much of the explanation for this indecisiveness.

Yet, in certain respects, the area’s sovereign debt and banking crises appear less acute today than 12 months ago, thanks in part to the European Central Bank’s promise of unlimited intervention to protect vulnerable member states.


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