Reform oriented Harpsund summit

Swedish Prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt boosted British prime minister David Cameron´s hopes of blocking Mr Juncker when he said he disagreed with the principle that the European Parlament, rather than elected national leaders., should take the lead in making the appointment.

Mr Juncker, claims to have a democratic mandate as the lead candidate of the centre right European People´s Party, the group with most MEPs in the new European Parliament.

Mr Juncker, who favours much closer integration of the EU, has the backing of the European Parliament and the public endorsement of Ms Merkel, although Mr Cameron hopes the German chancellor will ultimately agree to find an alternative compromise candidate.

Mr Reinfeldt, meeting now both Ms Merkel, Mr Rutte and Mr Cameron, wants the Harpsund summit to focus less on personalities and more on a common liberal agenda for the next five year commission mandate, focused on free trade, reforms and competitiveness and how future jobs in our societies will be created. “The countries meeting here are all reform oriented” says PM Reinfeldt’s statement


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