Agreement on a thorough audit of the votes in Afghanistan president elections.

Afghanistan’s two presidential election candidates have agreed to an audit in an attempt to resolve a dispute over the result of last month’s vote. US Secretary of State John Kerry visiting Afghanistan helped broke the agreement resolving disputed election between Afghan Presidential candidates.BBC:

US officials had been hopeful of a breakthrough on Saturday after the first day of negotiations remained inconclusive. Ashraf Ghani described the move as the “most comprehensive audit in the history of elections”

“Afghanistan has never before experienced a successful democratic transition, Ghani told POLITICO Mag journalist and other visiting journalists in May 2013, just as he was deciding whether to run or not.

Thus, the biggest issue in the 2014 Afghan presidential election is going to be: “How does the loser acknowledge the winner? The legitimacy of the Afghan election is going to come from the loser.”

I welcome agreement on a thorough audit of the votes in Afghanistan president elections. Credibility of the process is in everyone’s interest. If Afghanistan produces a government that has broad support within Afghanistan from all sectors of the community, that it will also continue to receive support from the international community.

The Afghan people can be proud of what they have achieved. They have a strong foundation for the future.


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