P5+1/EU nuclear talks with Iran in Vienna between now and July 20

Today the P5+1/EU negotiations (UK, US, Russia, China, France and Germany), led by EU Hight Rep Ashton, are meeting with Iran in Vienna, aimed at reaching a comprehensive deal on Iran’s nuclear programme.

Whether Iran is racing toward nuclear weapon capabilities is one of the most contentious foreign-policy issues challenging the West. Iran would have to accept sharp limits on its number of working centrifuges — for a decade or more and a robust inspection. That is at the core of the problem of any deal.

“There is no breakthrough in Iran nuclear talks today”, says UK Foreign Secretary @WilliamJHague, who’s already had some meetings.

But our Diplomats/negotiators will stay in Vienna and will be working constantly in Vienna between now and July 20. And what we are trying to do is find a way for Iran to have an exclusively peaceful nuclear program, while giving the world all the assurances required to know that Iran is not seeking a nuclear weapon

“We need an agreement which gives world confidence that nuclear activities of Iran are exclusively for peaceful purposes”

If Iran is able to make these choices, there will be positive outcomes for the Iranian people and for their economy. Ultimately, this would lead to the lifting of all nuclear related sanctions and Iran being treated like any other non-nuclear weapons state.

And it is, indeed, the opportunity to do that. It’s very important for Iran to be more realistic about what is necessary in order to reach agreement on those issues.

Of course, it’s an opportunity in Vienna also to talk about the situation in the Middle East and the violence in Gaza and in Israel and what has been achieved in Afghanistan by US Secretary of State John Kerry over the last couple of days, which we all strongly support, and we will support the implementation of that too.

15 july 2014

There has been tangible progress on key issues.  However, there are also very real gaps on other key issues.

Press with US Secretary of State John Kerry Availability in Vienna,  In these conversations: There are more issues to work through and more provisions to nail down to ensure that Iran’s program will always remain exclusively peaceful.


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