EU/P5+1partners, and Iran to extend JPOA until November 24.

Along with the EU, our P5+1 partners, and Iran have decided – to extend the Joint Plan of Action until November 24,  Iran has committed to take further nuclear-related steps in the next four months that are consistent with the types of steps that they committed to in the JPOA that would restore confidence in the Iranian Nuclear Programme being entirely of a peaceful nature.

These include a continued cap on the amount of 5 percent enriched uranium hexafluoride and a commitment to convert any material over that amount into oxide.

In the JPOA, Iran diluted half of its 20 percent enriched uranium hexafluoride and converted the rest to oxide.

In this extension, Iran has committed to go one step further and make all of this 20 percent into fuel for the Tehran Research Reactor. In return, to suspend sanctions our partners agreed to under the JPOA that would allow Iran access to $2.8 billion dollars of its restricted assets, the four-month prorated amount of the original JPOA commitment.

The JPOA was a six-month, that went into effect on January 20, and it has been a clear success. Since its implementation, Iran has complied with its obligations:
to neutralize its stockpile of 20 percent enriched uranium;
cap its stockpile of 5 percent enriched uranium; not install advanced centrifuges;
not install or test new components at its Arak reactor;
and submit to far more frequent inspections of its facilities.

The International Atomic Energy Agency has regularly verified that Iran has lived up to these commitments.

The next step is that people will return to capitals, they will consider the issues.

“Our mission is to achieve this as quickly as possible, but we are determined to make sure that the agreement is a very good one.” (In full) Remarks by EU HighRep Catherine Ashton following the E3/EU+3 talks with Iran. We will bring the E3+3 together again in the next few weeks.

Diplomacy takes time, and persistence is needed to determine to address one of the world’s most pressing priorities – ensuring that Iran does not obtain a nuclear weapon – through the diplomatic negotiations in which our international partners are currently engaged to achieve our objectives peacefully.

This effort has been made possible by the Joint Plan of Action, which stopped the progress of Iran’s nuclear program – and rolled parts of it back – for the first time in a decade. Under this short extension, all parties have committed to upholding their obligations in the Joint Plan of Action.

Meanwhile, EU/P5+1 partners have provided limited sanctions relief, as agreed to in the Joint Plan of Action, while vigorously enforcing the broader sanctions regime that remains in place.

These are just some of the most important ( in Extension of Iran Nuclear Talks Press Statement by Sec Kerry)

Of course, on all these issues there is still work to do and differences to resolve, but our partners have made real progress. As on Monday in Vienna, there are very real gaps in some areas to find a long-term solution (effectively close off the plutonium path to a bomb through the reactor at Arak)  that would ensure Iran cannot be used to build a nuclear weapon.


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