Vital that we find a way forward to the situation in Gaza.

I welcome indications that Israeli forces may begin to withdraw form Gaza within the next few days. It´s vital that we find a way forward that is enduring and any solution would need to provide genuine stability, and not simply lead to a repeat of the cycle of violence.

This morning many have been killed, including UNRWA guard, property and livelihoods have been destroyed. This needs to stop immediately, We all strongly condemn continued rocket fire over Isreal. It constitutes an unacceptable threat to its citizens.

EU leaders said they are ready to support actively negotiations, “confidence building measures, reconstruction and reconciliation efforts towards arrangements that will ensure peaceful and dignified coexistence, based on mutual respect”.

Any effective peace agreement should seek to ensure that those security threats and civilian casualties on both sides do not reoccur later on. Israel has the right to live in peace in its recognised borders. Yet, legitimate defence needs to maintain proportionality.


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