EU launches new programme to support Africa’s continental integration.

Africa´s continental integration has become a key priority for both the African Union and the EU. Today, The European Commission has launched the first phase of a new programme that will foster Africa´s integration process at continental level.

Today´s decision will launch projects for the period 2014-2017, with a total allocation of €415 million. The so-called Pan-African Programme will fund activites in a broad range of areas and offer new possibilities for the EU and Africa to work together.

Since the historic first Africa-EU Summit in Cairo in 200, where EU-Africa partnership was strengthened through the institutionalisation of dialogue, considerable change has taken place on both continents.

The Pan-African Programme, which was announced by President Barroso at the 4th Africa-EU summit in Brussels in April will amount to €845 million from 2014 to 2020.

The African continent needs to move forward the regional reforms agenda to see political improvements. The EU´s decision is an important step to Africa´s regional integration. Concrete projects will, for example, support election observation missions operated by the African Union in its member states or improve the governance of migration and mobility within Africa and between Africa and the EU.

The Pan-African Programme is the first ever EU Africa programme in development and cooperation that covers Africa as a whole, it will contribute, amongst others, to increased mobility on the African continent, better trade relations across regions and also better equip both continents for addressing trans-national and global challenges, such as climate change or security.. Read more European Commissions press release here..


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