Emergency humanitarian situation in Iraq. EU is helping.

There are now approximately 1,2 million people that have been displaced in Iraq. We are facing an emergency humanitarian situation in Iraq, as UN says, the situation has deteriorated.

Huge humanitarian as well as political challenge for international community to continue to provide aid, those in need, and other support to Iraqi Government to meed the threat posed by ISIL.

According to FM @CarlBildt the circumstances are tragic and challenging. Swedish FM Carl Bildt together with EU:s humanitarian commissioner, @KGeorgievaEU are on their way to Baghdad and Erbil to bring political support and humanitarian help.

Sweden is the 4th largest provider of humanitarian aid in the world today and “Sweden is deeply engaged in Iraq´s guest for democratic development”: PM Reinfeldt 14th Augusti SvD

After the dark decades under Sadam Hussein Sweden has opened an embassy in Baghdad, established a diplomatic presence in Erbil and provided various forms of support to a value of more than 1.5 billion SEK since 2004.

Most of this has been spent on improving living conditions, providing humanitarian assistance and promoting democratic development in the country. 

Sweden take now part of EU´s humanitarian air bride in Iraq as response to the grave challenge of the country.


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