The international community must support Iraq to this end.

There are encouraging developments that can set Iraq on a new path and unite its people. Policy transfer can best be described as “processes” by which arrangements, institutions and political system (past or present) is used in the development of policies, and can include factors that influence the way and degree to which one country learns from other countries. 

Recent peaceful and historic transition of power in Iraq demonstrates that Iraq is on its way to developing the kind of fully inclusive government it will need if it is to unify all Iraqis in the fight against ISIL. Stabilizing Iraq, meanwhile, is a project that will require the formation of a strong government in Baghdad that can reunify Iraq and address the Sunni and what it means, more immediately, is a tighter bond between the U.S. military and the Kurdish forces.

“The United States remains committed to a strong partnership with Iraq and the Iraqi people” …We have heard from a wide range of leaders across the Iraqi political spectrum who have expressed their commitment to work with Dr. Abadi to form a broad, inclusive government with an agenda that can address the needs and legitimate aspirations of the Iraqi people; said National Security Advisor Susan E. Rice August 14, 2014 Statement on Iraq. 

The international community must support Iraq to this end. The growth of ISIL, the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, and other associates of al-Qaeda represents a grave threat to the people of Iraq and Syria, as well as to the region and the larger international community.

We should continue to press for a UNSC resolution to make clear the shared determination of  international community to tackle the treat posed by ISIL.

More importantly, to support Iraqi forces and ensuring that Iraqi forces are able to counter ISIL´s advances in the area is also vital. If Iraq´s Shiite majority governs in a more inclusive way. However, we have to keep in mind that the Iraq´s future political success will depend on preserving its unity and maintaining its vibrant diversity. We also need to think about Kurdistan as a critical strategic asset in a region that is falling apart. The Kurds are now crucial to holding Iraq together.


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