World’s humanitarianDay.

Today, it is 11 years since the horrible terrorist attack against UN HQ in Baghdad. We remember and honour these who lost their lives. Attacks against UN workers are war crime, exactly sort of crime that we charge at the @IntlCrimCout.

FM Carl Bildt and KGeorgievaEU today met with the UN Iraq humanitarin Courty Team in Erbil. Sweden and SIDA provide important emergency response. Tackling the dire humanitarian situation in northern Iraq remains the EU:s top priority.

Latest figures suggest that there are now 450,000 displaced people, which represents a 50% increase in the area´s population. A Department for International Development (DFID) humanitarian adviser is still assessing the area and has now visited the city and nearby refugee camps.

The men, women, and children affected by these crises represent only a fraction of the 108 million people worldwide who are victims of civil strife or the destructive power of natural disasters and need assistance. Helping Syria´s people and its neighbors cope with one of the cruelest humanitarian crises in generations is crucial and to prevent Syria melting further into a region-wide firestorm between Sunni and Shia Islam is challenging.

Today, August 18th, we pay tribute to the world´s humanitarians and heroes who, despite the risks, work to save lives on the front lines of conflict and help victims of natural disasters pick up the pieces and rebuild their communities. 

Since 1948, United Nations peacekeepers have worked to assist host countries navigate the difficult path from conflict to peace. On World Humanitarian Day, UNSC is about to discuss how world can better protect humanitarian workers and UN peacekeepers. 


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