NATO remain an option for both Sweden and Finland.

Just days before the European Union´s meeting on freignpolicy chief and the head of the European security policy, Finish President Sauli Niinistoe said joining NATO remained an option for the Nordic country. “The possibility of military alliance through membership in NATO will remain as one option for our security policy also in the future”, Niinistoe said (According to an Bloomberg article August 26/2014). In speech in Helsinki Finnish Prime Minister, Alexander Stubb, has criticized Russia for what he characterized as an “illegal incursion into Ukraine”.

Finland has the EU´s longest border with Russia. Russian state aircraft have violated Finish airspace at least four times this year.  

One of today´s biggest news at SNS-conference in Tylösand, with Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, was that both Sweden and Finland will soon sign an Host-Nation agreement with NATO; described today Carl Bildt in his blogg.

But the Red-Green opposition parties seem to be deeply divided about Sweden signing Host Nation agreement.

Recently, Sweden´s four-party coalition government said in interview with reporters that Sweden now needs a shift in doctrine, so that the main task of its defense force will once agin be defending Swedish territory and that Sweden should therefore consider membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

The Nordic region also does well in the NATO partnership column. Sweden and Finland, two of NATO´s closest partners,  both countries contributed significant forces to Afghanistan. Sweden ( a partner nation) committed its share of flight hours of the C-17 Consortium ( a NATO asset) to provide logistical support to the French operation in Mali (a de facto coalition of the willing effort).

Russia, on other hand, has broken its international commitments, including basic principles in the NATO-Russia Founding Act, such as “refraining form the threat or use of force against each other as well as against any other state, its sovereignty, territorial integrity or political independence in any manner inconsistent with the United Nations Charter and with the Declaration of Principles Guiding Relations Between Participating States contained in the Helsinki Final Act.” Violating international law and UN charter in such brazen manner is not compatible with Russia´s responsibilities as UNSC member.


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