Women’s issues must be integrated into all areas of our foreign policy and security policy.

Photo session with PM Reinfeldt meeting UN Secretary General Ban Ki moon during 68th of UNGA 2013

PM Reinfeldt meeting UN Secretary General Ban Ki moon during 68th of UNGA 2013.

As officials and diplomats from across the planet convene in New York for the 69th UN General Assembly (UNGA) this week, some may not be thinking about challenges faced by women and girls. But they should be.

Approximately one billion women have the potential to enter the global workforce in the next decade, but only if given the opportunity to do so. The challenges to women and girls are well known.

With data clearly showing the important role women and girls play in peace and prosperity, organizers have planned several high-level events to tackle issues facing women and girls..

Correspondingly, the first action plan of implementation of  UN Security Council Resolution 1325 (on women, peace and security) was espoused by Sweden, during 2006-2008. Landmark resolution on Women, Peace and Security. It was the first formal and legal document from the United Nations Security Council that required parties in a conflict to respect women’s rights and to support their participation in peace negotiations and in post-conflict reconstruction.

Resolution stresses the importance of women who are affected by conflicts, both: who are involved and being represented as actors in the international community’s initiatives to bring about peace. It also highlights that women and girls are vulnerable in conflict situation and that they need increased protection.

The use of rape as a weapon of war is one of the great injustices of our time. We can and must change the entire global attitude to these crimes, and shatter the culture of impunity. UK funding the Global Summit 2014, preventing sexual violence in conflict, is good symbol in this respect.

In fact, more than 25 nations around the world have developed plans to implement UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security, which emphasizes the impact of conflict on women and their critical role in peacebuilding.

UNSCR 1325 addresses not only the inordinate impact of war on women, but also the pivotal role women should and do play in conflict management, conflict resolution, and sustainable peace.

The action plan attracted interest and inspired several other countries and organizations, who later got involved. For example, engagement of gender advisers in European Security Defense Policy (ESDP) missions; integration of women participation in reforms of the justice sector, etc. Respectively, for several years Sweden has been active in developing Resolution 1325 on national, regional and international level.

On national level involve the ministries and department in the Government offices, Swedish embassies and permanent missions abroad , as well as the agencies that train and deploy personnel to missions or carry out relevant research.

Along Swedish Armed forces, Sida, and the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, the Folke Bernadotte Academy continues to have an important role in this work.

Women’s issues must be integrated into all areas of our foreign policy and inform our engagement with leaders, the development community, and the broader public all over the globe. We have to pool our resources to effect positive change. The challenges faced by women and girls must also be fully addressed if we hope to attain the UN’s post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals.

Where women are full participants in a country’s politics or economy, societies are more likely to succeed. That’s why we support the participation of women in parliaments, the economy and as actors in the international community’s initiatives to bring peace. Our planet’s peace and prosperity depends on it. World leaders striving to increase opportunities for women in the public and private spheres.–should recognize the importance of women to economic growth, stability, and peace.

updat Oct 14th 2015

Sweden joins in Celebrating 1325 and UN member states agreement to advance woman, peace and security UNSCR 1325 agenda over next 15 years and betonad. High time to accelerate common efforts and achieve full UNSCR 1325 implementation.


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