UNSC unanimously Passes resolution 2178 on stopping terrorist.

UNSC unanimously decides resolution 2178

Resolution 2178 was adopted by all 15 members of the Security Council.

September 24, 2014: In a vote presided over by U.S. President Obama, the U.N. Security Council has unanimously approved a historic resolution 2178, under Chapter 7, aimed at stopping the flow of foreign extremists to battlefields around the world. UNSC’s most significant global terror action. since 1373 weeks after 9/11-2001.

The resolution is under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter, which means that it is legally binding. Chapter VII allows the Council to “determine the existence of any threat to the peace, breach of the peace, and to “restore international peace and security”.

It was adopted by all 15 members of the Security Council.

  • The UN Charter’s prohibition of member states of the UN attacking other UN member states is central to the purpose for which the UN was founded.

The vote follows an address by the president in which he warned that inaction on extremism and other global threats could pull the world into “an undertow of instability.” President Obama challenged the assembly to “renew the international system that has enabled so much progress.”

Also Sweden was a co-sponsor of the important UN Security Council Resolution 2178 “we must adapt laws also in Sweden” say Swedish Foreign minister Carl Bildt.

The U.N. resolution expresses concern that “foreign terrorist fighters increase the intensity, duration and intractability of conflicts, and also may pose a serious threat to their states of origin, the states they transit, and the states to which they travel.

The Resolution criminalizes traveling abroad to fight for extremist organizations as well as the recruiting for or funding of such terror groups. The resolution is legally binding.

Nations are required to prevent and suppress Resolution 2178. Any action we take against ISIL will be necessary, proportionate, and legal.

The following are some highlights from the president’s address.

Terrorism And Extremism: ‘No God Condones Terror’

[The] countries of the Arab and Muslim world must focus on the extraordinary potential of their people — especially the youth. Here I’d like to speak directly to young people across the Muslim world.

“Muslims the world over aspire to live with dignity and a sense of justice. And when it comes to America and Islam, there is no us and them — there is only us, because millions of Muslim Americans are part of the fabric of our country.”

“No God condones this terror. No grievance justifies these actions. There can be no reasoning — no negotiation — with this brand of evil. Read more here…..


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