Tenth Anniversary of the Indian Ocean Tsunami 2004.

2004 tsunami was deadliest recorded in history; hundreds of thousand were killed including more then 543 Swedish and many more separated from their families. I´ll never forget hearing the news of the tsunami that day as I was in Kenya visiting refugee camps.

Today of all days, we pause to remember those we lost and on this day of reflection Sweden hold national memorial service to mark the 10th anniversary of the Indian Ocean Tsunami and we mourn with our friends in Asia and Africa who were affected by this terrible disaster.

We recognize the millions of people who contributed to the recovery efforts. and we know that many regions are already suffering historic floods and rising sea levels. The tsunami was one of the worst we have ever seen, but it brought out the best in all of us. But it is incomprehensible that kind of storm or worse could become the norm.

Scientists have been saying for years that climate change could mean more frequent and disastrous storms, unless we stop and revers course. Decades of observation, monitoring, and analysis have demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt that: the Earth’s climate is changing at an unusual pace compared to natural changes in climate experienced in the past.

Knowing that, the time to act on climate change is now before its too late to heed the warning.Tackling climate change is not the sole responsibility of governments. It will only succeed in a true coalition of all stakeholders, business leaders, financial institutions and civil society


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