Functioning Afghan nation: breakthrough in the fight against global terrorism.

Last year Australia began again to worry about its domestic security after a large anti-terror raid (which led to one conviction) in September in Sydney that seemed a fine piece of security theater, reports of many Australians travelling to Syria to join the Islamic State – including one man who brought his young sons – and a hostage situation in Sydney that left three, including the gunman, dead.

The Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop has made the fight against global terrorism and homegrown terrorism one of her platforms as foreign minister.

Australia’s anti-terror work also has a global bent. Last November Julie Bishop used her address at the United Nations Security Council, which Australia then headed, to speak on terror threats and the need for international cooperation.

Visiting Afhanistan, foreign minister, Julie Bishop, said during her hour-long discussion with the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani : “If Afghanistan is able to create a functioning nation … then that will be a significant breakthrough in the fight against global terrorism.” There is a worry, she said, that elements of ISIS (which Bishop tends to refer to as Daesh) would team up with Taliban still within Afghanistan. A second Iraq is a worry for both the U.S. and its allies, such as Australia.

The United States and its allies faces unprecedented international challenges that together pose significant risks to global security and prosperity. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, China’s coercive actions in the western Pacific, ISIS’ broadening reign of terror, and other simmering crises all point to the need for reinvigorated US and transatlantic leadership in the world.

The demand for vigorous and sustained leadership across all of these fronts requires an effective articulation of a strategic vision, especially on America’s purposes and how it should seek to exercise its role in the world.

Source: – The Asia-Pacific


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