Close coordination and common principles on Ukraine.

There are a number of diplomatic tracks underway with the united goal of finding a diplomatic solution in the conflicts across sovereign lines of Ukraine. But, Russia needs to make its choices, and those choices have to be declared by actions by engaging in a series of steps that will uphold the Minsk Agreement which was entered into last year and which they signed up to.

Close coordination and common principles on Ukraine: “The EU Can never be described as a project against someone, Never,  We have made our dream of integration true” said EU´s High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini at Munich Security Conference on Sunday.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was keen Sunday to dispel the notion of a trans-Atlantic rift, saying U.S. and its European allies are “united in our diplomacy” on Ukraine, also speaking at an international security conference in Munich, he said the U.S. supports the efforts by France and Germany – with leaders of Germany, France, Russia and Ukraine announcing plans for four-way talks this week.

Also the US and the UK have have met with Germany to discuss the latest situation in Ukraine and the recent talks held in Moscow. Britain led the way in placing strict EU sanctions on Russia, and will continue to consider any diplomatic proposal on its merit, in pursuit of a long-lasting political outcome.

The threat of U.S. arms shipments won’t harm the talks. “It’s a fortuitous coincidence that Merkel is going to Washington and whatever she does, Obama will be informed,” said Volker Perthes, director of the German Institute for International and Security Affairs. Merkels visit to U.S. is an opportunity to coordinate closely on a whole range of issues, two issues in particular — Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and the international fight against ISIL, that are critical to our shared security and prosperity.

It’s clear that the Russia and the separatists It supports have violated just about every commitment they made in the Minsk agreement. The Minsk agreement in September foresaw each side pulling back its heavy weapons 15 kilometers (more than 9 miles) from the lines of engagement. But the Russian separatists have taken control of more territory since then, implying that a new buffer zone would have to be mapped.

The first step is now to revive the much-violated peace plan both sides agreed to in Minsk last September, and end a war that has now killed more than 5,300 people according to United Nations estimates. It is clear that the escalation in fighting in the east of Ukraine cannot be allowed to continue and a political solution is imperative. During the weekend of this years Munich security conference more than 700 bilateral meetings have been held in the premises there. Hopefully some steps towards better world.


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