Kremlin has been able to create a self-affirming information sphere.

The Kremlin media.propaganda machine is already spinning a different story of the killing of Russian politics— in the case of Boris Nemtsov — death. Far from being a hit by the regime or its hangers on, they argue, the culprit is the West because the murder will make the Russian authorities look bad — and the clear beneficiaries must surely be the opposition and their foreign paymasters.

This is the same twisted thinking that claims that the Ukrainians (or perhaps the CIA) shot down the MH17 airliner over Ukraine last year. Sadly the murder does not make the regime look bad (it looked bad already). It makes it look even more ruthless.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is supposed to have said that Russian President Vladimir Putin was living “in another world” after Crimea. These survey results (see washingtonpost Feb 26, 2015 in detail of the research) suggest that a lot of Russians are living on Putin’s planet. By controlling TV, the Kremlin has been able to create a self-affirming information sphere, a Putin world with its own tabloid storylines, patriotic emotions, and heroic masculine star of Putin himself.

But the real message of the murder will be to cow Russians, not drive them to greater resistance to the regime. The news about the brutal murder of Nemtsov is tragic. And Russia has lost liberal voice and a strong advocate for democracy.

Together with Vladimir Milov, a former energy minister, Boris Nemtsov produced a series of devastating reports showing how the country’s natural-resource riches — oil, gas, minerals — were being stolen and squandered

Liberal politicians’ ties with the West are tantamount to treason.-  Fine words by Edward Lucas — in todays the Sundaytimes. on the case of Boris Nemtsov — death. Nemtsov was unrepentant about those ties, just as he was forthright in his condemnation of the war in Ukraine and the seizure of Crimea. Both causes are highly popular in Russia where they are portrayed as crusades against historical injustice, resurgent fascism and western interference


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