The only option, is to limit Iran’s capabilities through an accord.

Iran negotiations with the P5+1 may be at a point where both sides have conceded all they can realistically give. A dispute over what limits should be placed on the development of new types of centrifuges has emerged as a major obstacle as negotiators try to work out an initial accord on Iran’s nuclear program.

The dispute is especially significant because the Iranians had told the United States that the second generation centrifuges they have developed (but are not operating) are about three to five times more efficient than the first generation models they are using. Iran has also designed third generation models that are even more efficient. A major point of contention in the negotiations has been the actions Iran can take to assure the others (primarily the United States) that its “breakout capability” — or ability to create a deliverable nuclear weapon — is limited.

 President Obama has issued  Video,


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