Carl Bildt: honoured GLOBSEC Transatlantic Award 2015.

This weekend European leaders are expected to tackle security challenges ranging from a resurgent Russia to global terrorism at the 10th annual GLOBSEC Global Security Forum in the Slovak capital Bratislava. Central Europe dialogue fostering tangible inprovements in security and prosperity for all parties.

Former PM and FM Mr Carl Bildt knows the region, and the western Balkans well, having served as the international community’s high representative to oversee the Dayton-Paris Agreement’s implementationin United Nations Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Sweden has clear and committed voice in Carl Bildt – that contributes to peace, stability and development both in the EU and in the world.

Happy to see Mr Bildt honoured to recieve @GLOBSEC 2015 Transatlantic Award, introduced by Slovakia DPM and FM @MiroslavLajcak at The Bratislava Global Security Forum.

Needless to say, as FM Carl Bildt has been a one-man diplomatic force against Russian aggression and one of the strongest promoters of the Eastern Partnership. Making clear demands, but also offering preparedness to meet progress with deeper EU cooperation and increased support – this contributes to peace, stability and development on our continent.

Sweden has clear and committed voice in @carlbildt that contributes to peace, stability and development both in the EU and in the world. History has taught us that certain values are indivisible.

The 2015 Forum will be even more important than the previous ones. The European and transatlantic order has been under attack simultaneously from East and South as never before and Central Europe is facing an unprecedented challenge to its stability and security since the fall of Communism. British Prime Minister David Cameron and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko are among a dozen senior statesmen expected to attend the summit, as is fervent Kremlin critic US Sen. John McCain. The NATO Deputy Secretary General, Ambassador Alexander Vershbow will also attend the Global Security Forum.

In a Speech at the Forum by UK Prime Minister, of a country whose military aircraft are flying patrols over the Baltic; whose troops are training Ukrainian soldiers; whose Royal Air Force is overseeing and delivering the second highest number of air strikes over the terrorist-held territory of Iraq; underlines the threats, that we’re uncompromising in our response, and our ability to address failed states. David Cameron discussed current security challenges and Britain’s commitment to Europe’s security, highlighting the importance of geography both as a key global factor and matters to everyone.

In many respects, our world today is a much better place than it was before. But its also a much more complex world. The defense of national borders, protecting people and key infrastructures are becoming increasingly important. For this in ISIL we have one of the biggest threats world has faced.

From Eastern Europe to the Middle East, the security threats we face, they often have one thing in common: a failure of governance in other countries and political instability. It was the failure of Ukrainian governance in the years before 2014 which led to discontent and instability. It’s the failure of governance in the Middle East which has left a vacuum within which ISIL can proliferate.

In the case of Ukraine, President Poroshenko’s government deserves support to deliver vital political and economic reforms, and we must provide that support and more, said Mr Cameron. Russia and Ukraine’s issue will be discussed at Bratislava Global Security Forum.


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