Asia also matters politically.

The United States and China released over fifty outcomes highlighting constructive engagement on climate change, clean energy, and environment. Collectively, these outcomes underscore the strength and breadth of U.S.-China climate cooperation, detailing comprehensive, collaborative initiatives in sectors responsible for significant emissions of greenhouse gases.

The EU is also looking forward to stepping up the cooperation with China. Ahead of the EU-China summit on 29 June 2015, ministers will discuss current priorities in EU-China relations and how to adjust the EU strategic partnership with China to new challenges.

The European Commission has said domestic EU policy should be “bigger on big things and smaller on small things” – a principle that should also be applied to external relations.

The U.S. and the EU can play a decisive role in reaching a historic deal at UNClimate Conference in Paris. Asia also matters politically. Tackling global challenges such as climate change, maritime piracy, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and terrorism requires strong commitment from influential partners in the region.

Yes there was important EU-China Joint Statement on Climate Change coming out of the EU-China Summit in Brussels June 29, 2015. By working together towards a strong regime to control climate change, the EU and China bring renewed focus and hope to securing an effective agreement in Paris in December. The announcements made this week show will to go beyond joint declarations of domestic intent to deepen technical cooperation on low-carbon development.


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