Tennessee shootings investigated for possible terrorism link.

Washingtonpost National-security: Four Marines were killed Thursday in shootings at a pair of military facilities in Tennessee by a gunman who is being investigated for possible ties to Islamist terrorist groups, U.S. law enforcement officials said. The terrorism shootings in Tennessee likely to be seen as an act of domestic terrorism and part of a growing danger attributed to the influence of the ISIL.

For more than a year, U.S. officials have been warning of the potential terror blowback from Americans who have fought in Syria. The terrorist attacks in Tunisia, Kuwait and France also intensified anxiety in U.S. counterterrorism circles. Senior counter-terrorism officials have repeatedly claimed that more than 100 individuals have traveled from the U.S. to fight with terror groups in Syria and Iraq.

In recent Senate testimony, Comey said that the ISIL in Iraq and Syria has called for lone-wolf attacks in Western countries and has specifically encouraged attacks on soldiers, law enforcement officers and the intelligence community.

FBI Director James B. Comey disclosed that authorities had arrested more than 10 people over the past months as part of a burst of activity by law enforcement to prevent attacks timed to the July 4 holiday as well as the Muslim observance of Ramadan. Thursday’s attacks fell on the final day of that Muslim holy month.


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